Review of the High Tea box from The Chocolate Tour

17 Oct

I celebrated a somewhat significant birthday recently, which you can read more about here. As a wee treat to myself, I decided to purchase a chocolate box from my friend Rosa’s inspired business The Chocolate Tour.

Like me, Rosa has always been a foodie. She bakes great stuff, can tell you the exact location of the best custard squares in the land and also loves children’s books. How could I not be friends with her??

Rosa’s latest venture is a chocolate subscription business. That’s right: CHOCOLATE DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR STEP!! Each month there is a different theme and I was lucky enough that my birthday month (also Rosa’s) was a High Tea theme. Another love of mine. Who doesn’t like a selection of tasty treats on fine china with a lovely cuppa to boot? There’s just something about the ritual of tea that really appeals to me. It’s something I’ll write about in another post so, for now, let’s focus on chocolate. Rosa only uses chocolate made by New Zealand businesses, so this is also a way to support New Zealand-made goods. It’s all craft and artisan chocolate, so you know that a lot of thought, effort and love has gone into the making. It’s not just your bog-standard, sugar-filled, supermarket stuff. It’s truly decadent, work of art stuff.

I ummed and ahhed as to whether I should treat myself, but then thought, why on earth not? There are a few options on the website: monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly chocolate deliveries, or a one-off box. There are also other one-off gift or treat options.

I decided on the one-off themed box; this way I could try out some new treats and support my friend’s business, but not break the bank… I may be able to justify more regular purchases once I’m working full-time again :).

The High Tea Box

Contents: Hogarth Craft Chocolate’s Rose and Vanilla Tea bar, Chocoyo’s bonbons, Baron Hasselhoff’s mallow puffs, Little Blues Chocolates’ strawberry and almond tea cake chocolates, She Universe’s Bula Bean, She Universe’s Chocolate Sweetheart.

I started with the beautiful Hogarth Craft Chocolate’s Rose and Vanilla Tea bar, which is really a block, or a very generous-sized bar. I have to start by saying that this block looks amazing! I’ve never seen a piece of chocolate quite so ornate. When I took my first bite, the slight bitterness of the cocoa hit the sides of my mouth, but was overtaken by rich chocolateyness with hints of tea and vanilla. An orally and visually satisfying block of very good quality chocolate which melted on my tongue and caressed my mouth.

Hogarth's Rose and Vanilla Tea Bar

Hogarth’s Rose and Vanilla Tea Bar

Baron Hasselhoff’s mallow puffs. The name immediately made me think of Baywatch, but I’m sure that these are a much better quality product than that (no offense to any David or Pamela fans). They looked absolutely delicious… Unfortunately, I’m one of those vegetarians that doesn’t eat gelatine, so I had to surrender these delicious looking morsels to the clutches of the BFG. He said that it tasted like “very berry marshmallow”. Such a poet :). In terms of the look, it was very much like a Griffin’s Mallowpuff (if you’re NZ based) or a Tunnock’s Tea Cake (if you hail from the UK), except that it was a little smaller, the marshmallow was pink (not white) and “very berry”, apparently. From my observations (whilst drooling), the biscuity base was crumbly and the chocolate cracked nicely upon biting into it. My final comment is to plea with the Baron to please make a vegetarian/fegan version, as I’d love to try these scrummy little suckers!

Baron Hasselhoff's mallow puffs

Baron Hasselhoff’s mallow puffs

Next were the strawberry  and almond tea cakes from Little Blues Chocolates. These were as delicate as they were tiny. A mouthful of softness with a wee bit of crunch from the outer layer of white chocolate and the almond cresting the top. The only issue was the packaging; it was a little tricky to get past the cellotape and the rigid plastic.

Little Blues Chocolates' strawberry and almond tea cake chocolates

Little Blues Chocolates’ strawberry and almond tea cake chocolates

Chocoyo’s bonbons were also a challenge to get into, due to their rigid plastic packaging, but were the perfect size for David (my Dr Who birthday gift). They were even somewhat Whovian in appearance, with one resembling a delicacy that could have sprung from a Tardis :). Said blue treat had a delicate, glossy shell and tasted like Spring: grassy and light. The other two had a delicate raspberry jam-like centre which melted in the mouth. Fun to look at and to eat!

My almost-favourite was the She Universe Bula Bean. I’ve known of She Universe (formerly She Chocolat) for a while now, first discovering them in Governor’s Bay years ago and more recently happily realising that they also have a cafe and shop at The Tannery in Christchurch.  They supply all sorts of deliciousness and list one of their ingredients as “love”. The Bula Bean was decadent, dark and satisfying, with a coconutty scent. It had the perfect crunch when tackling the outer layer, which gave way to a velvety inner. Bloody gorgeous!

She Universe Bula Bean

She Universe Bula Bean

Last but nowhere near least, my favourite part of the selection: The She Universe Chocolate Sweetheart. This had a sprinkling of salt on the outside, which was a perfect match with (or should I say contrast to?) the caramelly inner. It was nice and big, so I took my time nibbling away at it in multiple sittings and enjoyed licking the salt off my lips, after savouring the inner sweetness. And don’t let the picture fool you: it was almost as big as my hand!

She Universe Sweetheart

She Universe Sweetheart

All in all, this was a very well thought out curation of chocolatey goodness. Rosa really does know her artisan and craft chocolate! I highly recommend getting online and ordering something from The Chocolate Tour as soon as humanly possible. You won’t regret it!




2 Responses to “Review of the High Tea box from The Chocolate Tour”

  1. Sue Sutherland October 17, 2017 at 2:28 am #

    Ah but where was the photo of the She Universe Chocolate Sweetheart? I know it was too good to stop eating and take that photo!!

    • SB October 17, 2017 at 2:37 am #

      Oops! This has now been added (it was a close call though). Thanks, Sue :).

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