The magic of advertising, running and rainbow cake

5 Sep

So, going without sugar during the week is … not going so well … But, I have at least reduced the amount of sugar I’m eating. What can I say? It’s a work in progress.

On a more positive note, I’ve started running again. After completing the 6km Tough Guy and Gal challenge in half an hour less than last year (YUSS!!) the weekend before last, I’ve decided to start training properly again for my next race which takes place in November. I did this event last year just after I learnt to run. I had never done any running as an adult before – hell, I hadn’t really done any as a child either. I was not athletic at all. I learnt to run as an adult with this fantastic pod cast which gradually built up my running capacity from one minute to thirty, and then I managed to run the 6k event in just under 45 minutes. Since it was my first race ever, I was very pleased with this result.

Boot Camp is great, but as many of you will know, there are different types of fitness and, to train for a running race, you need to run. I was surprised to find tonight, upon arriving home and realising I didn’t have a ride to Boot Camp, that it was actually light enough to go for a run. This hasn’t happened in months due to that pesky little thing called Winter, so I’m going to try to go for a run on non Boot Camp days now. Against all odds (I have never been athletic, I used to have a weight problem, I used to HATE exercise, especially running) I now actually enjoy running. Not always while doing it, but certainly afterwards. And now and then, I actually have moments of loving the act of running. The freedom of just letting loose and being able to just keep running, through the park, along the streets, up the nearby mountain, around the football field.

Just. running.

The problem sometimes though is working up the motivation to actually go running. It’s one of those things (and there are so many) that you dread doing but then are actually glad you did.

And it’s just as well. Otherwise I would end up being too fat to live here, like this poor guy. According to this article NZ is “the world’s third most obese developed nation … according to an OECD report released in June”. Definitely another reason to go running!

As I’ve come to realise over the years, even if I’m constantly “being good” with food and exercise, like anything worth doing, it takes time. So, don’t ever believe the quick fix “solutions” out there that promise things that just aren’t possible. Especially when they demonstrate the supposed results with transformation photos like these!
Oh and we did make the sorbet from last time’s post … but with real sugar. So far, I haven’t seen any dextrose yet. Let me know if you find any. I’m still keen to try using it in a recipe or three.
What I did bake was something extraordinarily sugary and very colourful for BFG’s birthday (perhaps Big Frosting Gobbler on this occasion). It was a lot of work, but worth it for the end result: the awesome layered look and the appreciation of the people who ate it :).

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