Allergic reactions

4 Jul

One of the most interesting things to experience during a no-sugar stint is people’s reactions.

“But you’re skinny enough!” Thanks, but not true… and also not the reason I’m doing it.

“But how will we cater that meeting?!” Um, savoury foods? Fruit? I’m sure we can go one meeting without muffins and cookies, people!

I’ve encountered similar reactions (times one hundred) when people find out that I’m vegetarian.

“But what do you eat?” As if there is only a small percentage of foods that do not contain meat.

“How do you get your protein?” Eggs, cheese, tofu, fake meat products (yes, I do eat those and I see nothing wrong with liking a taste similar to meat, but not wanting to actually eat meat. It’s not for everyone, and that’s fine), yoghurt, nuts, and the list goes on.

The best reaction was from French people the year I lived in France: “But why would you DO that to yourself?!?” And that was when I was still eating fish.

Getting back to sugar, the catering at today’s meeting was mostly vegetarian and mostly sugar free, except for some DELICIOUS looking chocolate tarts. I thought, at day 4, I might be tempted by them, or even distracted by them during the meeting, but found them quite easy to ignore. When I got home tonight, after flying in and out of Wellington and sitting in a windowless meeting room all day, I was exhausted and after dinner felt like… something. Something sweet. I briefly considered having low sugar yoghurt, but after having a berry tea, the urge was gone. After dinner has always been the hardest time for me for craving sugar. But if I keep busy and try other alternatives before going for the sugar, it seems to work.

I’m approaching my first weekend off sugar and I know that will be a challenge too, but it will only get easier.

By the way, I seem to have come up in some sort of allergic reaction (and that was after creating the title of this blog yesterday). A result of my lack of sugar consumption? Probably not. More than likely just insect bites – the little critters seem to love my blood for some reason.

Speaking of insects (and protein), I’ll leave you with this article on insects as a food source. I wonder if they would be any more tempting dipped in chocolate?


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