Day One: Marmite or might not be acceptable…

1 Jul

The first day without sugar has been made somewhat easier by the fact that I am home sick with a cold, meaning that my appetite is not at its usual voracious level, and I’m not tempted to buy things I shouldn’t. Plus the cupboards have now been emptied of any and all “bad” foods. I say “bad” in inverted commas because, really, there are no bad foods (except maybe for Double downs and deep fried Mars bars). Everything in moderation.

I won’t bore you with a list of everything I’ve eaten each day, but I will occasionally refer to the contents of my meals, especially when their sugar content is unexpected or I find out something else interesting about them. BFG (my boyfriend) and I (he’s also doing the sugar-free month) decided to try not to eat anything that has a sugar content above 10%, so the amount of sugars (not carbohydrates) must be 10 or below per 100 grams. This doesn’t, of course, include fruit. Plus, we are allowing cereals that contain fruit as long as the sugars don’t go above 20 g per 100 g.

My cereal of choice (Hubbard’s Apricot Toasted Muesli) unfortunately contains 23.2 g sugar, so this is off the list for July. However, I forgot to buy a lower sugar cereal, so it was toast for me this morning. I was quite surprised to find that Marmite has 11.2 g of sugar per 100 g. Now, since this is just over the 10% mark and it is PACKED full of other good things (Vitamin B12, iron, folate, etc.), we have decided to allow it. And it’s not like we would be eating it by the spoonful, given its rather strong taste –  though I must admit to spreading it much more thickly than BFG does! Even the baked beans I had for lunch have more sugar than I thought, but are (thankfully) under the 10% mark at 7.4 g per 100.

No milky, sweet tea with lunch. It was green tea instead. I quite like green tea, so this is no great hardship and, interestingly, it not only has amazing health benefits, but is also thought to ward off dementia. So does red wine, according to this article… Which brings me to alcohol. Of course, it is full. of. sugar. Dammit! Now neither of us drink all that much, but we do like the odd glass of wine with our meal or the occasional drink with friends of a weekend. BFG has a conference to go to soon, so he may well indulge. However, I have decided to try not to drink any alcohol this month, especially as there are no particular events happening for me at which I might want a tipple (or three).  The only event I have coming up is my nephew’s birthday. Since it’s his first birthday and it’s at lunchtime, drinking doesn’t quite seem appropriate. Bad Aunty! So, I don’t think this will be asking too much of myself. And what’s a challenge unless you go all the way, right?

I’ll leave you with the following weird marmite recipes to ponder. Let me know if you try any.

Marmite and cheese cake
Vegemite Caramel Pots
Chocolate cake with Marmite Caramel Buttercream
The Marmite Cocktail

Mighty Marmite

Mighty Marmite

3 Responses to “Day One: Marmite or might not be acceptable…”

  1. DC July 2, 2013 at 1:00 pm #

    I do like experimental mixology, but I’d rather leave that cocktail alone. And it would be a rather dangerous vessel for your daily vitamin B.


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    […] since my last post, as I seem to be in the wars this month. You may remember that when I wrote my second post, I had a cold. Well, in the last few days I have been experiencing a subsequent bacterial […]

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