Last day of sugar

30 Jun

I am an ambrosia baby.



The food of the gods

Something very pleasing to taste or smell.

The bain and the love of my life, sugar and I have a complicated relationship. It is fairly safe to say that I am obsessed with all things sweet. I am a chocolate connoisseur, a multiple-flavour cupcake baker and a pudding aficionado. I own far too many cook books (especially ones with chocolate and baking themes), I can’t drink tea without sugar, and I can never stop at one … anything.

In the past, this resulted in substantial weight gain, then loss, then gain again, then loss. I have now, thankfully, managed to keep it (mostly) off, but it’s a constant struggle. I like to think that my relationship with sugar, and food in general, is now a more balanced, healthy one, but every now and then it gets the better of me.

Now is one of those every now and then times. Even though I was exercising pretty regularly  – perhaps because of this, in fact – I was eating whatever the hell I liked. Add to the mix a boyfriend who also likes the sweeter things in life (but who is a beanpole and never puts on any weight), and the constant morning teas we seem to have at work (birthday? Someone leaving? It’s Friday? Let’s have a morning tea!), and, five kilos later, you have a recipe for disaster.

Now I’m not too worried about the five kilos, though it is at this point that I do start to take stock and look at my eating and exercise habits. It’s more the fact that I am, once again, finding that sugar is getting the better of me. I crave it constantly. I need to have something sweet for or with every snack and meal and, when it gets to its worst, I even dream about the stuff. Moist, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate treats, decadent desserts, plump puddings and sugar plum fairies all dance in my head.

More than the weight gain, the problem is that I feel heavy and sluggish and I can’t eat fruit anymore because I want processed sugar instead. I feel like I am in the grip of an addiction and, in fact, I am. Sugar, we now know, is one of the most highly addictive substances on earth. And it is, when you think about it, the most readily available drug in the Western world.

A while back, when I was getting depressed about weight gain, my boyfriend suggested that we go for a month without sugar to break the cravings cycle, and get into better habits. I refused, knowing how hard this would be. However, I know from past experience that the longer I go without sugar the less I crave it. So now, it is time to put this into practice.

It’s the last day of June and we start our no-sugar-month tomorrow. This means we will not eat any cakes, sweets, chocolate or puddings, but we will eat fruit, low-sugar cereals, low-sugar yoghurt and honey. This also means that we need to finish off all the remaining sugar in the house before tomorrow! To be fair, we’ve had quite a nice, sugary weekend: we went to a wedding yesterday and I had my book club on Friday night, which always involves sugar and booze. I baked for book club, as I often do (see the pictures of my amazing Banoffee cupcakes), so we will finish off the last of those today, along with the remaining pieces of chocolate.

Although the thought of tomorrow fills me with trepidation, I’m also looking forward to the challenge and to detoxing my body. I’ve taken up Boot Camp in the last week, and have another 12 weeks of that ahead of me, so it will be interesting to see what results come out of all of this.

But … I do still have a few hours to go, so I’m off to have another Banoffee cupcake! Recipe now added here :).


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